nForce Secure Top 25 Retail

The Only IT Security Distributor in Thailand

A robust security mechanism is a must-have for every organization today considering the variety and intensity of threats plaguing even the highly secured. In such a scenario, businesses need total IT security solutions as opposed to the fragmented solutions available in bits and pieces in the market. “When you think of IT security products, you should make sure you have the desired support. Half-baked solutions or products would do more harm than good,” remarks Mark Nakrop, the owner of nForce Secure, a trusted provider of advanced IT security and cybersecurity products in Thailand. nForce Secure is the first and only IT security distributor fully owned and operated by Thais.

The company operates as a value-added distributor of IT security products offered through a channel management model wherein the company reaches out to various market segments through a partner network. nForce Secure delivers turnkey solutions backed by its team of IT security experts, who guarantee long-term commitment and service support for the partners and customers. “We take pride in being the gateway of security production distribution. Right from principals, vendors, partners, channels all the way to end users recognize our IT security services,” says Nakrop. nForce Secure also brings the right security policies for its clients and helps them deal with various types of threat models or tough audits.

nForce Secure collaborates with partners and channels for everything right from design, proof of concept, to sales and marketing. The firm also works closely with principalsand product owners, providing them with top-notch IT security solutions with an assured 24×7 technical support. Additionally, its one-of-a-kind training center that equips the partners and customers with intense hands-on learning and troubleshooting is one of the various capabilities that have earned nForce Secure continuous success for 14 years.


The company has an impressive track record of equipping large organizations, multi-national corporations, government offices, and agencies with the right security policies. Considering the fact that IT security is approached from multiple angles such as networks, systems, applications, cloud, data center, and data loss prevention, the firm ensures customized implementations for clients.

nForce Secure’s engagement with a financial institution provides a better insight into the expertise the company delivers to its client base. nForce Secure assisted the financial institution when their application development and network teams had issues pertaining to certain applications that were slow and were significantly affecting the end users. The diagnosis was difficult for the client without the ability to do user profiling and to know who was doing what on the application systems, from where, and for how long. nForce Secure provided a suite of monitoring, and quickly identified the bottleneck in the network and internal DDoS. The firm installed the privilege management system for the client, which helped them gain visibility into ‘who was doing what’, enabling them to issue appropriate policies. “This is what I call the role of a value-added distributor. We made the root causes clear and helped the customer obtain the results they were looking for,” adds Nakrop.

The company has made many such sincere efforts to address the challenges faced by its clientele over the years. nForce Secure is now shifting its focus from security as products to security as a service model. It also plans to release internally developed tools that would integrate functionalities of different vital products to elevate the benefits and values of those products to the next level. A major part of the company’s roadmap constitutes its vision of bringing in the power of artificial intelligence from leading vendors to guard the customers against complex threats and deal with the shortage of IT security professionals efficiently.