Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

nForce Secure Public Company Limited (“nForce Secure”), has laid out this privacy policy to protect the visitors and users of the nForce Secure websites.


This privacy policy is subject to change and all changes are updated on this website. In case of material modification.


This policy determines how the nForce Secure collects and maintains personal information of those who visit or use information, data or online services at the nForce Secure websites. This policy specifies how personal information is handled in compliance with The Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019)
as well as the associated rules and regulations issued by virtue of the aforesaid laws, collectively referred to as “the laws enforced under the nForce Secure regulations”. Personal information herein means the information that enables a person’s identification to be established and is not commonly accessible by the public, but not including the deceased’s information. Such information includes age, gender, nationality, identification card number, passport number, residential address, office address, phone number and email address.


This policy does not apply to third-party websites that display their links to or from the nForce Secure websites. For security of own privacy, the users are advised to review privacy policies of third-party websites separately.


Maintenance of personal information

Any person who wishes to use certain services on the nForce Secure websites may have to submit necessary personal information beforehand. Such online services are, for instance, application for approval of personnel in the capital market business, registration for seminar attendance.

Personal information given to the nForce Secure upon filing of complaints via the nForce Secure websites are handled in accordance with this privacy policy.


Anonymous complaints are also acceptable. Please be reminded, however, that such complaints or those that do not provide personal information related to the matter under complaint may reduce the efficiency of the nForce Secure inspection.


To evaluate the efficiency of usage to further improve online service quality and organize relevant statistics, the nForce Secure may also collect certain personal information of the users such as IP numbers, search engines used, the domain names of the visited web pages, the amount of browsing time and the last website visited before logging on the nForce Secure websites.


Usage, sharing and disclosure of personal information

The nForce Secure may access and use personal information of the users in fulfilling their own requests.
The nForce Secure may collect, store, use and disclose personal information of the users gathered from other agencies to achieve the objectives under the laws enforced by the nForce Secure.


The nForce Secure will not sell, share or disclose personal information of the users to third parties in contrary to the purposes of collecting and storing personal information of the users, except in the following cases:


  • the action is in accordance with the laws enforced by the nForce Secure;
  • the action is the performance of duty as specified by law, court order, order of legal authority or any other case of a similar manner, or
  • the action is deemed necessary in cases where impacts on safety of life and physical body of other persons may occur, or in case of breach of contract and conditions on usage of the nForce Secure websites.


The users may request their personal information via the email address provided in the “Contact Us” section. The nForce Secure will reply in a timely manner. The users are responsible for any expenses that may be incurred from such request.


Revision of personal information

The users may request to revise their personal information to ensure that it remains correct and updated. Such request can be submitted via the form available on the online service webpage, which also provides instructions for request filing. Correction of certain information items will become valid only after verification of authenticity under the specified procedure.


Security System

The nForce Secure has issued internal guidelines for protection of privacy and security of information. This includes setting permission and user limit for access and usage of confidential information. The nForce Secure also uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol to ensure that communication with the users is done safely.


Use of Cookies

The nForce Secure uses cookie technology to store the users’ information. (Cookie is a tool for tracking and storing preferences and selections of the users during their web browsing. Such tracked information allows the websites to offer services that better meet the users’ demands at their next visits. Cookies can also be used for marketing purposes). However, the search engines through which the users enter the nForce Secure websites may use cookies for their own purposes. The users should thus review their privacy policies separately.


Questions and Suggestions

For inquiries or suggestions, please contact the nForce Secure Office as detaild in the “Contact Us” section.