End to End Encryption for Email and Files

Virtru is a global leader in data protection and privacy. Virtru offers flexible and easy to use end-to-end encryption products that provide access controls, key management, DLP rules, and persistent audit for organizations that need to meet privacy and compliance requirements. Virtru is also a Cloud enabler in solving Data Sovereignty needs by using encryption, protecting its customers from foreign request access for Cloud data.


Email senders can apply protections with a flip of a switch as Virtru is integrated with both the Gmail and Outlook user experience. Senders can easily view who has accessed or forwarded email, throughout the full data lifecycle, and can always revoke access or adapt controls. Email recipients can also read and respond directly from their inbox without ever needing to create an account or password.


With certifications from FedRAMP, ANSSI, Cloud Security Alliance, and AICPA SOC 2, Virtru helps organizations of all sizes maintain compliance with local and industry-specific data privacy regulations, including HIPAA, ITAR, and GDPR.