Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
This Policy shall be used for Personal Data, of a person having present and potential future associations with the Company, which has been Processed by the Company, officers, contracted employees, business units of the Company or other units operated by the Company, including contracting parties or third parties Processing the Personal Data for or on behalf of the Company under the goods and services monitored by the Company, such as the Company’s websites, systems, applications, documents or other forms of services.
A person having associations with the Company, includes:
1) Clients who are natural persons;
2) Officers or operators, employees;
3) Business partners and service providers who are natural persons;
4) Directors, authorized persons, representatives, agents, shareholders, employees or other persons who have the same form of associations that juristic persons have with the Company;
5) Users of the goods or services of the Company;
6) Visitors or users of, including systems, applications, tools, or other communications channels controlled by the Company; and
7) Other persons’ Personal Data collected by the Company, such as job applicants, family members of officers, guarantors, beneficiaries in insurance policies, etc.
Sources of Personal Data collected by the Company
1) Personal Data collected by the Company from the Data Subjects directly through various service channels;
2) Information collected by the Company from the Data Subjects who use other websites, goods or services pursuant to the contracts or obligations; and
3) Personal Data collected by the Company from sources other than from the Data Subjects, and such sources are authorized with legitimate reasons or consents of the Personal Data to disclose the Information to the Company.
Legal grounds for the collection of Personal Data
The Company establishes legal grounds for the collection of Your Personal Data in accordance with the appropriateness and context of provisions of the Services, which may consist of information on Your nationality, religion or philosophy, health, biology, handicap, disability, identity, or any other information beneficial to the provisions of Services. To proceed the collection of the aforementioned information, the Company will request for Your consent before proceeding with any collection, unless:
1) it is necessary to prevent or suppress harm to a person's life, body or health;
2) it is necessary to perform obligations under the contracts to which the Data Subject is the party or to perform as requested by the Data Subject before entry into such entry;
3) it is necessary to perform obligations for the public interest of the Controller;
4) it is necessary for legitimate interests of the Company or other persons or juristic persons other than the Company;
5) it is for legal compliance, such as the PDPA, the Electronic Transactions Act B.E. 2544 (and its amendments), the Social Security Act B.E. 2533 (and its amendments), the Anti-Money Laundering Act B.E. 2542 (and its amendments), Civil and Commercial Code, Criminal Code, and the Civil and the Criminal Procedure Codes, etc.; and
6) it is for Your interests and the consent cannot be obtained during that time.
Types of Personal Data collected by the Company
The types of Information listed below are merely the general framework for collecting Personal Data of the Company and is specifically applicable to the Information relating to the goods or services that You use or associate with only.
1) personal information, such as Information that identifies You or Information from official documents that identify You personally;
2) information regarding the characteristics of a person, Information and details relating to You;
contact information;
4) information relating to work and education, such as employment history including work experiences and educational records;
5) information relating to insurance policies, details about operator of the insurance policies; and
6) sensitive Personal Data.
The Company collects and uses cookies including other similar technologies on the websites under the supervision of the Company, such as or on Your devices depending on the type of Services You use. The cookies are used for the safety in provision of Services of the Company, and for You, as the user, to have a convenient and good experiences in using the Company's Services. The collected Information will be used to improve the Company's website to better meet Your needs and You can manually set or delete the use of cookies from the settings in Your web browser.
Purpose for the collection of Personal Data
The following purposes are merely the general framework for the use of Personal Data of the Company only the purposes related to the goods or services that You use or are associated with:
1) to carry out the necessary actions for the public interest that the Company has been entrusted to or is necessary to exercise the legal powers that the Company has the authority to perform;
2) to provided services and management of the Company, including Services under this Agreement owe to You or obligations of the Company;
3) to carry out the business of the Company;
4) to monitor, use, follow-up and inspect, and manage the Services to facilitate and meet Your needs;
5) to store and improve Information relating to You, including documents with references to You;
6) to record Processing report as required by laws;
7) to analyze Information, including to resolve problems relating to the Company’s Services;
8) to carry out the necessary actions in the management within the organization, including job applications, nomination of directors or persons holding various positions, and assessment of qualifications;
9) to prevent, detect, avoid and identify fraud, security breach, prohibited or illegal actions which may cause damage to both the Company and the Data Subject;
10) to verify Your identity and Information when You apply for the Company's Services or contact the Service or use Your legal rights;
11) to improve and develop the quality of the goods and services to be up-to-date;
12) to assess and manage risks;
13) to send notifications, order confirmations, communications, and to communicate and notify news to You;
14) to prepare and deliver related and necessary documents or Information;
15) to verify Your identity, or to prevent spam or unauthorized or illegal actions;
16) to examine how the Data Subjects access and use the Company's Services, both collectively and individually for research-related purposes and analysis;
17) to take the necessary actions to perform the obligations that the Company has with the regulatory authorities, tax authorities, law enforcements, or legal obligations of the Company;
18) to take any necessary actions for the legitimate interests of the Company, others, or other juristic persons related to the operation of Digital Government Development Agency. (Public Organization) (DGA);
19) to prevent or stop harm to life, body or health of persons, including epidemic surveillance;
20) to prepare historical documents for the public benefit, researching or producing statistics that the Company has been assigned to conduct; and
21) to comply with the applicable laws, notifications, ordinances, or proceedings relating to litigations, subpoenas, including the exercise of rights relating to Your Information.
Type of persons to whom the Company discloses your Personal Data
The Company may disclose Your Personal Data to the following persons. In this regard, the type of the following recipients of such Information are just the disclosure framework of the Company's Personal Data and applicable only to the recipient of Information which relates the goods or services that You use or are associated with.
1) Government agencies or authorized persons to whom the Company is required to disclose Information for the purpose of legal proceedings or other important purposes (such as public interest purposes), law enforcement agencies or agencies with the power to control and supervise or other important objectives.
2) Various committees relating to the Company's legal proceedings. The Company may disclose your Information to persons holding director positions in various committees.
3) Contracting parties that deal with the welfare of the Company's workers, third parties that the Company has procured to operate on welfar.
4) Business partners, whereby the Company may disclose Your Information to persons working with the Company for the benefit in providing Services to You.
5) Service providers, whereby the Company may assign another person to be a service provider instead or to support the Company's operations.
6) Other recipients of Information whereby the Company may disclose Your Information to other recipients of Information for the purposes of the Company's Services, training, awarding, making merit, donating, etc.
7) Public disclosure whereby the Company may disclose Your Information to the public where necessary.
Transmission or transfer of Information to third countries
In some cases, the Company may be required to transmit or transfer Your Personal Data to other countries for the purposes of providing Services to You, such as to transmit the Personal Data to cloud system with a platform or server located in other countries to support the telecommunication system located outside of Thailand depending on the Company’s Services that You use or associated with in each activity. 
When the Company is required to transmit or transfer Your Personal data to the destination country, the Company will ensure that the transmitted or transferred Information receive adequate personal data protection in accordance with the international standards, or carry out actions according to the following conditions in order to be able to transmit or transfer that Information in accordance with the laws:
1) it is in compliance with the laws that require the Company to transmit or transfer Personal Data abroad;
2) the Company has informed You and obtained Your consent in the event that the destination country has insufficient standards for Personal Data protection in accordance with the announcement of the list of countries announced by the Personal Data Protection Committee;
3) it is necessary to perform the contract which You are a party to the Company or to fulfill Your request prior to entering into that contract;
4) it is an act according to the Company's contract with another person or juristic person for Your benefit;
5) to prevent or suppress harm to Your life, body or health or that of another person if You are unable to give consent at that time; or
6) it is necessary to carry out actions for the benefit of the public.
Duration for storing Your Personal Data
The Company will store Your Personal Data only for as long as that Information is necessary for the purpose for which it was collected as detailed in this Policy, the Notification, or related laws. However, after the expiration of the period and Your Personal Data is no longer necessary for the said purpose, the Company will delete and destroy Your Personal Data or make Your Personal Data more unidentifiable in accordance with the forms and standards for the destruction of Personal Data that the Board of Directors or laws will announce or in accordance with international standards. However, in the event of a dispute in exercising rights or lawsuits related to Your Personal Data, the Company reserves the right to continue to maintain that Information until the dispute has been finalized by an order or judgment.
Providing services by third parties or sub-providers
Before assigning a third party to process the Personal Data as the Processor, the Company will provide an agreement specifying the rights and obligations of the Company as the Controller and of the person assigned by the Company as the Processor. Such agreement will include details of the types of Personal Data that the Company has assigned for the Processing, including the purposes, scope of the Processing of the Personal Data and other related agreements in which Processor is obliged to process specifically to the extent specified in the agreement and order of the Company and cannot be processed for other purposes.
In the event that the Processor assigns a sub-processor (Sub-Processor) to process Personal Data on for or on behalf of the Processor, the Company will direct the Processor to provide documented agreement between the Processor and the Sub-Processor in the form and standard that is no less favorable than the agreement between the Company and the Processor.
Security of Personal Data
The Company has measures to protect Personal Data by limiting the right to access to the Personal Data to specific officers or authorized or designated persons who have the need to use such Information for the purposes as notified to the Data Subject. Such persons must strictly adhere to and comply with the Company's privacy protection measures, as well as have the duties to maintain the confidentiality of Personal Data that they know from the performance of their duties. The Company has measures for Information security, both organizational and technical measures that meet international standards and in accordance with the notification of the Personal Data Protection Committee.
Connecting to external websites or services
The Company's Services may contain links to third-party websites or services. Such websites or services may have a personal data protection policy that is different from this Policy. The Company recommends that You study the privacy protection policy of those websites or services before using them. In this regard, the Company is not associated and has no control over the privacy protection measures of such websites or services, and cannot be held responsible for the content, policies, damage or actions caused by third party websites or services.
Your rights under the PDPA
The PDPA provides for a number of rights of the Data Subject. These rights will come into effect when the laws on this right come into force. The details of various rights are as follows:
1) Right to request for access to Personal Data. You have the right to request access, receive a copy and request for disclosure of the origin of the Personal Data that has been collected by the Company without Your consent, unless the Company has the right to refuse Your request on grounds of law or court order, or in the event that the exercise of your rights will have an effect that may cause damage to the rights and freedoms of others;
2) Right to request for correction of Personal Data for completion and up-to-date;
3) Right to delete or destroy Personal Data. However, the exercise of the right to delete or destroy this Personal Data shall be subject to the conditions as prescribed by law;
4) Right to request for suspension of the use of Personal Data. You have the right to request for suspension of the use of your Personal Data in the following cases:
4.1) during the period of time that the Company conducts an investigation at the request of the Data Subject to correct, complete and update the Personal Data;
4.2) the collected Personal Data of the Data Subject is unlawfully collected, used or disclosure;
4.3) when the Personal Data of the Data Subject no longer needs to be kept in accordance with the purposes for which the Company has informed for the collection, but the Data Subject wishes the Company to keep that Information for the purposes of exercising legal rights; and
4.4) during the period of time which the Company is proving the lawful grounds for the collection of Personal Data or investigate of the need to collect, use or disclose the Personal Data for the public interest due to the Data Subject has exercised the right to object to the collection, use or disclosure of Personal Data;
5) Right to object to the Processing of Personal Data. You have the right to object to the collection, use or disclosure of Personal Data about You, unless the Company has the lawful grounds for refusing such request;
6) Right to withdraw consent in the event that You have given consent to the Company in collecting, using or disclosing Personal Data. You have the right to withdraw Your consent at any time throughout the period Your Personal Data is kept by the Company, unless there is a legal limitation requiring Company to keep the Information, or there are still contracts between You and the Company which are beneficial to You; and
7) Right to request for receipt, transmission or transfer of Personal Data. You have the right to receive your Personal Data from the Company in a form that can be read or generally used by means of automated tools or devices, and that Personal Data can be used or disclosed by automated means. In addition, You may request the Company to transmit or transfer the Information in such form to other Controllers. However, the exercise of this right must be under the conditions as prescribed by law.
Contact for inquiries or use of rights
If You have any questions, suggestions or concerns about the Company's collection, use and disclosure of Personal Data, about this Policy, or if You want to exercise your rights under the personal data protection laws, You can contact:
1) E-mail: [email protected]
2) Tel.: 02-274-0984 (Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.)
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