Endpoint security is devices protection connecting with computer network such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, Internet- of-things devices, and other wireless devices from malicious attackers and cyber threats such as data breach, ransomware, stolen credentials, etc.

Trend Micro offers a security platform to defend the endpoint through every stage of an attack with consolidating endpoint, server, and workload security. There is an Extended Detection & Response (XDR) which can detect, investigate and respond to the threat faster. It can provide Streamline IT security operation and analyzes the attack rapidly and effectively.

Cortex XDR - the industry's first endpoint-based extended detection and response platform that integrates data from any source. The Cortex XDR app offers you complete visibility over network traffic, user behavior, and endpoint activity. It simplifies threat investigation by correlating logs from your sensors to reveal threat causalities and timelines. This enables you to easily identify the root cause of every alert. The app also allows you to perform immediate response actions.

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