Network Performance and Monitoring is a solution to verify network quality between office sites, data centers, clouds, and applications in real-time. It helps a network administrator troubleshooting problems with an appropriate solution such as network delay, data loss and availability of any network link internal, Hybrid Networks and VPN.

SolarWinds provides easy-to-use network performance and monitoring platform in full-stack visibility for end-to-end monitoring as configuration, protocol analysis, data transmission, monitoring bandwidth usage, troubleshooting and network topology. The observability to fully autonomous operations and full visibility into the networks are offered to users. SolarWinds can operate with multi-vendor supported and extend systems in the future also.

DANZ Monitoring Fabric (DMF) is the industry's first network packet broker (NPB) that leverages an SDN-controlled fabric to deploy network visibility and security solutions. Traditional box-based, hardware-centric NPBs are architecturally constrained to meet emerging security and visibility demands of cloud-native data centers. DMF addresses the challenges of traditional NPB solutions, by enabling a scale-out fabric for enterprise-wide security and monitoring, a single pane of glass for operational simplicity, and multi-tenancy for multiple IT (NetOps, DevOps, SecOps) teams.

Colasoft proposes Network Performance Analysis System solution and real time network packet data storage as 24/7. Colasoft can monitor service quality of all aspects of a business network, detect and pinpoint problems affecting performance and stability of key business based on real incidents. There are full presentation as Hop-by-Hop with flexible custom report, alert and dashboard via web UI.

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