Network security refers to the protection of networking infrastructure from breaches, malicious access and cyberattack related to users, applications, and devices by using IT security policies and deploying network software and hardware that can protect data, assets and all IT resources from cyber threats.

Trend Micro is powerful network security capabilities developing software security for servers, containers, networks, and end points and providing XDR with network detection and response. Trend Micro TippingPoint (IPS) detects the unknown and protects the unmanaged by leveraging network analytics and network vulnerability protection by updating new vulnerabilities from Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) and running on the Deep Discovery Inspector (DDI) with sandbox; detect Zero Day or unknow threat in an internal system. After the detection, the system delivers threats data to TippingPoint for protection against known threat and unknow threat. Furthermore, TippingPoint can also operate with XDR (Trend Micro Vision One) for increasing the capability of threat detection.

ExtraHop Reveal (x) NPM is Platform Cloud Native having Unsupervised AI and machine learning for analyzing big and complicated data. There are accurate integrations, identifications of application performance and real-time analytics also. Further, ExtraHop can monitor complex attacks and normalize communications data as metadata for investigating and finding back incidents easily.

Viascope provides network access control solutions, traffic monitoring and IP Address management with more than 20 years. IPScan XE can control network access of devices that connect within an organization without automatic authorization, investigate devices in real-time and provide centralized management. While detecting threat, IPScan blocks unauthorized devices from communicating through the network and sends IP conflict protection report for administrators to manage devices in an organization accurately.

The Zero Trust Network Security Platform secures a world where any user can work anywhere-without restrictions. Zero Trust, including enabling secure access for all users irrespective of location, inspecting all traffic, enforcing policies for least-privileged access control, and detecting and preventing advanced threats. This significantly reduces the pathways for adversaries, whether they are inside or outside your organization, to access your critical assets. it supports Hardware Appliances (PA-Series), Virtual Appliances (VM-Series) and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). Next Generation Firewall Palo Alto can increase capabilities with cloud security service such as Adv TP, Adv WF, Adv URL, DNS Security, etc.

Arista suite of security solutions helps organizations accelerate their journey towards zero trust maturity. Based on the CISA Zero Trust Maturity Model, Arista supports all the key functions CISA recommends for the network: network segmentation, network traffic management, traffic encryption, and network resilience along with controls for visibility and analytics, automation, and orchestration, as well as governance.

Because of complexity and fast alternation of IT Infrastructures, security control doesn't receive all Data Feed and can't process effectively. Gigamon platform helps collect Data Feed from all IT Infrastructures such as Physical Network, Private Cloud, and Public Cloud, screen and transform Data Feed for matching each security control. Therefore, it can work with efficiency and save cost.

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