Data security is the process to protect digital confidential data from data loss, data breach and unauthorized access by adapting various technology tools and good practices with focusing on data security methods such as encryption, masking, erasure, and resilience.

Unified Consent Management Platform (UCP) is a solution for supporting the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Personal data owners can ensure that their data is consented to be stored securely. UCP can manage all data from many applications as Centralized Management, so data owners can access and withdraw consent according to Data Subject Right and Personal Data Protection Act. UPC offers services as Consent Management, Data Subject Request Management and Cookie Banner.

BigID is a leader in Data Discovery which can automatically scan, search, and classify important data in the organization with high accuracy and precision and supports scanning of database, file document application on petabyte level also. So, the organization can see the overall of all data. The result can show the store of personal data and kinds of data collected. The organization can supervise data accurately and comprehensively.

Data Locker is an advanced encryption solution offering hardware, gateway encryption on cloud and data centralized management. The products include SafeConsole, Encrypted Storage and Alpha Series that are convenient and functional integration, enhances security system, control, and transfer important data easily. Data Locker can also protect sensitive data and intellectual property of clients: government, military and other organizations around the world.

The Data Security capabilities on Prisma Cloud enable you to discover and classify data stored in AWS S3 buckets and Azure Blob storage and protect accidental exposure, misuse, or sharing of sensitive data. To identify and detect confidential and sensitive data, Prisma Cloud Data Security integrates with Palo Alto Networks Enterprise DLP service and provides data classification that includes built-in data profiles with data patterns that match sensitive information such as PII, health care, financial information, and Intellectual Property.

FASOO is leader in Enterprise DRM(Digital Rights Management)with more than 20-year experiences that help protecting, controlling and tracking the important documents by encrypting files and adding granular control. You can limit editing, printing, and sharing sensitive content with unauthorized users both inside and outside your organization. FASOO Enterprise DRM (digital rights management) can prevent data breaches and enforce the highest level of protection to unstructured data.

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