Security Operations Center (SOC) is cybersecurity hub for organizations which helps to investigate real-time network and security incidents. If a cyberattack is detected, SOC will analyze, monitor, examinate the network system and threat responses to reduce the organizational impacts by integrating people, processes, and technologies.

Group-IB is a platform providing MXDR (Managed Extended Detection and Response) and Threat Intelligence for increasing the potential of Security Operations Center (SOC) team. There are many challenges of SOC team such as IT infrastructures (endpoint, server, application and devices running on different operating systems) which are difficult to manage, investigate and protect. But all challenges can decrease by integration of MXDR and Threat Intelligence. The Team can be visible all aspects of attacks in an organization and reduce workload for analyzing problems and incidents accurately. Moreover, Group-IB MXDR also updates information and cyber-attack incident around the world immediately.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) is NDR Platform that helps organizations detect cyber threats in real-time with complete visibility. There are AI learning and deeply analyzing user's behaviors especially complicated information. That's why ExtraHop can detect the unknow attack which old technologies of security control don't perform. Moreover, it responds to cyberattacks faster and accurately and protects important assets.

Cortex XSIAM, or extended security intelligence and automation management, is a cloud-delivered, integrated SOC platform that unifies key functions, including EDR, XDR, SOAR, ASM, UEBA, TIP, and SIEM. XSIAM customers can consolidate multiple products into a single, integrated platform, improving operations, and increasing analyst productivity. XSIAM delivers an intelligent data foundation that can easily integrate telemetry from any source, providing unified security operations across any hybrid IT architecture. XSIAM can work automatically according to workflow that have been prepared to respond to incident quickly.

CloudVision is Aristas modern, multi-domain management platform that leverages cloud networking principles to deliver a simplified NetOps experience. Unlike traditional domain-specific management solutions, CloudVision enables zero-touch network operations with consistent operations enterprise-wide including a software suite of capabilities for automated provisioning, compliance, telemetry, analytics, and orchestration. It breaks down the complexity of siloed management approaches.

Cymulate is SaaS platform collecting knowledge and cyber-attacks and sending to related persons who assess and validate security control effectiveness. It ensures that security control tools can detect Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) for protection and incident response effectively. It still benchmarks cyber performance and alerts threats to confirm the controls are functioning correctly.

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